Jack Young - CEO

Born & Bred in the Adelaide Hills on a Farm & began his passion for cycling when he was 10 (that was to get out of farm duties)Now he is our resident Adelaide Hills cycle tour guide & knows all the trails, and as well as being one of the friendliest guys you'll meet, in his own words he is "the best guide you will find in South Australia for experience, passion & local knowledge."

Jack has be Cycle touring & Guiding for 25 years

Tony Staska - The Bike Guru

There isn't a person more into riding than tony he would rarely go a day where he hasn't spent some time in the saddle. Tony is a happy caring person who will stay positive and get you motivated to make something you never new you could. he believes everyone is happier if they are on a bike, and will find a way to make it possible. Tony is also a boxing fitness instructor so feel free to get some health and training tips off of a proffessional.